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他肯定来过这儿好多次了 的翻译是:He must have been here many times 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

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He certainly came here many times


It is good many times that he must been here


He must have been here many times


He was definitely here has unsympathetically


He affirmed here many times


ait is soft and shiny 它是软和发光的 [translate]

aRENERGIE lift volumetry RENERGIE lift volumetry [translate]

aأنا غريب الأطوار I奇怪的阶段 [translate]

aNowhere to place youth 无处安置青年时期 [translate]

por cada curso recibido: fecha, nombre del curso, entidad que lo imparte, duración en horas.。a设计文件名称 nombre del documento del diseño [translate]。pour finir, si tu as l’occasion de venir visiter lafrance, je t’invite à découvrir comment est conçue la bière en te rendant dansune brasserie artisanale. tu peux venir par chez moi dans le nord de la france,je connais une très bonne brasserie artisanale 。

aCredit check is only happened when COM creates delivery. No credit check while dealer place order. 当COM创造交付时,信用检查只发生。 没有信用检查,当经销商位置顺序时。 [translate]

aeva材料 eva material [translate]

a请您将控件标记为启用 Will ask you to control a mark for to begin using [translate]

aThese basic rules are all we need to solve a wide variety of network problems. 这些基本规则是我们需要解决各种各样的网络问题的所有。 [translate]


ai mean the head but they used the new computerized technology by inserting a coil through nose! I want to ask, I may propagandize through the television station for him [translate]

a我的心将要死去 my heart is going to die [translate]。atake chances,give everything,and leave with no regrets 利用机会,给一切,并且离开没有遗憾 [translate]。my holiday life will be busy but interesting.i am going to do my homework every day so that i can finish my homework on time.i am going to the library to borrow some books and go to the shops to buy some books so that i can read some interesting books.i am going to play sports such as playing basketball,table tennis,swimming and so on .of course i am going to help my parents do some housework because they are busy with their work every day.i am going to spend a week in shanghai with my parents so that we can see the expo.i am sure i am going to have an interesting and happy summer vacation.。

a在翻译公司院向左转,然后直走三分钟,医院就在左边 In the translation company courtyard left face, then goes straight three minutes, the hospital in the left side [translate]

a我们教室比他们的明亮 Our classroom compared to them bright [translate]

aThe file could not be saved. This may be due to insufficient space or an invalid file name. 文件不能被保存。 这也许归结于不足的空间或一个无效文件名字。 [translate]

aEvaluation of right ventricular function in patients with a previous episode of pulmonary embolism using tissue Doppler imaging 正确的心室作用的评估在病人有肺栓塞一个早先情节使用组织多谱勒仪想象 [translate]

a我学习能力强,能服从安排。能吃苦耐劳 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

ato do it 做它 [translate]

a我爱凡 I love every [translate]

a这些习俗对年轻人会产生不良的影响,因此应该废除 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

agive way to 让路 [translate]

a昨天我收到了美国朋友的电子邮件 Yesterday I have received the American friend's email [translate]

adisseration 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a综合活动区 Synthesis area [translate]

a他的数学老师 他的数学老师 [translate]

aIs it a nature park? 它是否是自然公园? [translate]

acollagen lovely 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a•a customer due diligence program • 顾客适当努力节目 [translate]

a我是王经理的秘书 I am Manager Wang secretary [translate]

a我们的朋友遍及全世界 Our friend spreads the world [translate]

a让他为我们表演 Let him perform for us [translate]

a你还会什么 You also meet any [translate]

aAll these above factors contribute to their choice to migrate to another country. 所有这些在因素之上对他们的选择贡献移居对另一个国家。 [translate]

a你收到她的邀请了吗? You have received her invitation? [translate]

adisown 否认 [translate]

aLight are low, the curtains down,There’s no one here 光低的好几次英语怎么说,帷幕下降,那里这里是没人 [translate]

a肆万 40,000 [translate]

a明天是星期日 Tomorrow will be Sunday [translate]

a总而言之, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

ashould be limited to that necessary to achieve the government’s prevention aims. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a孝敬老人是中国的传统美德。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

ahe had teached in this school since he came to china last year 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

aAssignment Brief Situation 任务简要的情况 [translate]

a我们可以在娱乐的时间参加活动 We may at entertainment time participation [translate]

a虽然我说壮话,但是我是一个瑶族 Although I spoke the strong speech, but I am a Yao national minority [translate]

aHershey Hershey [translate]

a解决难题对于他来说是没问题的 The solution difficult problem is does not have the question regarding him [translate]

a只有我们权衡利弊,才能做出最好的决定 Only then we weigh the advantages and disadvantages, can make the best decision [translate]

awethrowawaysomethingsbecausetheyarenolongeruseful wethrowawaysomethingsbecausetheyarenolongeruseful [translate]

a1、中国即将成为世界上最有发展潜力、增幅最快的巧克力市场。 1st, China soon becomes in the world most to have the development potential, the increased range quickest chocolate market. [translate]

a我们的喜怒哀乐不是金钱能支配的 Our laughter, anger, sorrow, and happiness is not the money can control


aBirth month is required 需要诞生月 [translate]

aYou can take the bus and get off at the second stop. 您能乘公共汽车和获取第二中止。 [translate]

a他会do中国功夫吗? He meets the do China time? [translate]

a一点六四米高 1.64 meter high [translate]

a他肯定来过这儿好多次了 He affirmed here many times [translate]