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eye ; lamp ; opto- ; glim ; ocular

网 络eye;Eyes;the eye;An eye



I'll smash you in the eye!


His eyes smart at the smoke.


Her baby has bonny and bright blue eyes.



Brown eyes are dominant and blue eyes are recessive.


Tears distilled slowly from her eyes.


A million eyes beat two dozen any time.


They often sparkled with devilment when they met yours in conversation.


The sun was shinning straight in her eyes which made her squint.


Eyelashes defend the eye by shading it from glare.

1. She was a shy, delicately pretty girl with enormous blue eyes. 她是一个害羞、娇美的女孩,长着一双大大的蓝眼睛。


2. No detail was too small to escape her attention. 再小的细节都逃不过她的眼睛。

3. He looked straight ahead and overtook a lumbering lorry. 他眼睛直视前方,加速超过了前面一辆慢吞吞行进的大卡车。

萧翎盯着他肿得高高的脚踝,“今天不处理一下的话明天会肿得更厉害,晚上疼得你觉都睡不好。it was raining outside when i got up early in the morning. it‘s too bad, i had to go to school by bus. i said to myself. it was almost seven o‘clock before i left home. i put on my raincoat and ran to the bus stop in a hurry, for i thought a lot of people might be waiting there. hardly had i got there when a bus was coming. i got on the bus immediately, hoping it was possible for me to take a seat. i saw an empty seat and took it. but i found an old lady standing behind me. i stood up at once and was about to ask her to take the seat when a young girl in a modern skirt made a dive for it. i could hardly believe it. i glared at her, thinking“what bad manners。看东西不由自主地想把胳膊伸得很远,用眼时间稍长,就眼睛酸胀、头疼呢。

5. The child kept her eyes fixed on the wall behind him. 这个小女孩眼睛一直紧盯着他身后的那堵墙。

this very trust has sometimes been made an objection to miss austen, and she has been accused of writing dull stories about ordinary people。e.g. it has red eyes. it has yellow teeth. it has green ears. it has green arms. it has an orange nose. it is lovely.。 t: look at the two girl.this girl has long hair.that girl has long hair,too.this girl has big eyes.that girl has big eyes,too.they look the same.they are twin sisters.they are alice and ann. what is she doing。

7. She gave him a quick, upward look, then lowered her eyes. 她抬眼迅速瞥了他一下,然后眼睛又垂了下去。

8. He developed a nervous twitch and began to blink constantly. 他身体出现了神经性抽搐,开始不停地眨眼睛。

9. He turned his good eye on me and laughed. 他用那只健全的眼睛看着我笑了。

10. Leo went on, his dark eyes wide with pity and concern. 利奥接着说下去,他的黑眼睛瞪得大大的,充满怜悯和关切。

11. He looked at her hungrily. What eyes! What skin! 他饥渴地看着她。瞧这眼睛!瞧这皮肤!

12. He stared at me out of those washed-out blue eyes. 他用暗淡无神的蓝眼睛盯着我看。



14. Those ladies were brassy and busty, with pudgy fingers and painted eyes. 那些女人们打扮花哨,体态丰满眼睛的英文怎么读,手指肥肥的,眼睛都涂了眼影。


16. When someone has hayfever, the eyes and nose will stream and itch. 花粉热临床表现为流泪、流涕,眼睛、鼻子发痒。

17. He has clear blue eyes and a dazzling smile. 他有一双明亮的蓝眼睛和一脸灿烂的微笑。

18. He had clear blue eyes and a jutting chin. 他有一双清澈的蓝眼睛和凸出的下巴。

19. Her silk dress was sky-blue, the colour of her eyes. 她的丝绸连衣裙是天蓝色的,和她眼睛的颜色一样。

20. The place oppressed Aubrey even before his eyes adjusted to the dark. 奥布里的眼睛还没有适应黑暗之前,这地方便已经让他觉得很压抑了。


Putting in contact lenses or false eyelashes, or rubbing your eyes after a long day staring at a computer screen, are things some of us do all the time. But unless you've just washed or sanitised your hands, touching your eyes is a surefire way to transfer germs into your body, and it can result in illness.


The eyes, like the nose, mouth and other areas of the body, have a mucus membrane, as well as other protective features like eyelashes and tears. But putting your fingers - and the germs often on them - in direct contact with your eyes compromises the membrane and may make you more vulnerable to disease.


plague is a bacterial disease spread by the fleas of wild rodents such as marmots. the world health organization says the disease can be effectively treated, but patients can die 24 hours after the initial infection.。[12] martínez l , baquero f. interactions among strategiesassociated with bacterial infection: pathogenicity, epidemicity ,and antibiotic resistance. clin microbiol rev , 2002 , 15: 647-679.。[12] martínez l , baquero f. interactions among strategies associated with bacterial infection: pathogenicity, epidemicity , and antibiotic resistance. clin microbiol rev , 2002 , 15: 647- 679.。


If you do wear contact lenses or have some other reason why you need to touch your eyes, Dr Long says it's essential to wash or sanitise your hands before you do. "It is always important to wash your hands before touching your eyes."


"Good hand hygiene is always important in reducing transmission of infections." While you might not think you touch your eyes very often, a 2012 study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found it's an unconscious habit many people have.


When hundreds of people in public areas and on public transport were observed, it was found the average person touches a communal surface three times an hour, and then places their hands on their face, including the eyes, even more frequently.


It's just as important not to touch your mouth or nose with unwashed hands, as a virus entering the body through oral and nasal passages can quickly take hold in the body, as Dr Chris Del Mar of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners told recently Coach.


"If you touch your nose that is a way to inoculate yourself with a virus."


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