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用作定语~+ n.Quinine has a bitter taste.

奎宁有苦味。It tasted of bitter almonds.

这有苦杏仁的味道。Bitter complaints could be heard here and there.

到处怨声载道。He did the hard work without any bitter words.

shortly after eva dies,her father dies tragically in an accident,and tom's fate is left entirely in the hands of marie,st.clare's selfish and unsympathetic wife.marie decides to move back to her parents' estate and to sell all the slaves,despite miss ophelia's exhortation that marie should fulfill st.clare's promise to give tom his freedom.marie refuses,and just before he is sold,he writes a letter to the shelbys (with the help of mr.legree) telling them his plight and asking for their help.the letter goes unanswered,and tom ends up in the hands of simon legree,an evil and bitter plantation owner whose philosophy is to work his slaves hard and replace them when they inevitably die just a few years later.。)bitter英语怎么读,他们小心翼翼地将自己阔大的野心收藏起来,只拿出摩羯座那吃苦耐劳的本钱,无论多么艰苦,一句怨言也没有(谈不上阔大的野心,把自己的目标藏起来是真的,吃苦耐劳没有怨言是靠谱的)。两人之间有矛盾,毫无隔阂……手携手地向前,我无怨言,像一盆冷水。

读信的人无不洒下辛酸的眼泪。The bitter lesson had a lasting effect on him.

这痛苦的教训对他产生了持久的影响。She learned a lot from bitter experience.

她从惨痛的经验中懂得了许多。Defeat in the election was a bitter pill for him to swallow.

在选举中失败是他难以下咽的苦果。The young couple split up after a bitter quarrel.

那一对年轻夫妇大吵一场就离婚了。I had never known such bitter cold.

我从来不知道有这样刺骨的寒冷。The bitter winter was coming.

寒冬到了。用作表语S+be+~Beer tastes bitter.

啤酒品尝起来有些苦。Good medicines taste bitter.

良药苦口。He is still bitter that he was once cold-shouldered.

曾经受过冷遇,对此他至今怀恨在心。S+be+~+ prep .-phraseShe is bitter about her divorce.

她对离婚感到很伤感。The manufacturers felt bitter about the increase in tax.

厂商们对提高税收感到很愤怒。I'm still bitter about that.

对此我仍耿耿于怀。He is bitter about not obtaining the visa from the embassy.


他对未获得律师资格耿耿于怀。He was bitter against his wife.

他对妻子心怀不满。They are all bitter against the new plans.

他们都强烈反对新计划。He's bitter at his wife for refusing to give him a divorce.

他恨他妻子不同意和他离婚。He is bitter in his condemnation of terrorism.

他言辞激烈地谴责恐怖主义。They grew very bitter over the project.

他们对这项计划十分不满。It is bitter to the mouth.



I prefer coffee to bitter.

我喜欢咖啡,不喜欢苦啤酒。A pint of bitter, please.

请来一品脱苦啤酒。I would like a (cup of) bitter.

我想来一杯苦啤酒。He drinks a cup of bitter every day.