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S$220540:Say USD two hundred and twenty thousand five hundred an

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S$ 220540: 说只有美元两个二十千 5 百和一百四十美元。


S$220540:说两百美元和21 500名和第四十二元。


S$220540 :言USD二百和仅二万五百和四十美元。


a赊账 Giving credit [translate]

aunder armour 在装甲之下 [translate]


a爱就无法避免 Likes being unable to avoid [translate]

a做我女朋友干吗! Why is my girlfriend! [translate]

a地方辅导室富士达方式的个符合但法国是发烧发烧地方发生的 But place counselling room Fuji reaches the way to conform to France has a fever the place to occur [translate]

a全部的家人 Complete family member [translate]

amicrosoft Flight simulator X:Acceleration requires the English version of Flight Simulator X 微软飞行防真器x :加速度要求英语版本飞行防真器x [translate]

a常用词记忆法 General service word mnemonic system [translate]

a我喜欢威尼斯,因为威尼斯的风景很美 I like Venice, because Venice's scenery is very beautiful [translate]

a翻译the game of football began in england in the middle 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。abased on application of cattell’s visual“scree” test, three components accounting for 54.1% of the item covariance were extracted and rotated to the varimax criterion. the eigenvalues ( ) for the first three factors prior to rotation were 20.4,8.7, and 6.6. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。the video pipelines can be connected to either an dvi output lcd output or a tv output either through boot time parameter or through sysfs interface. although the display driver computes a default display window whenever the image size or cropping is changed, an application should position the display window via the vidioc_s_fmt i/o control with the v4l2_buf_type_video_overlay buffer type. when a switch from lcd to tv or from tv to lcd happens, an application is expected to adjust the display window. v4l2 driver only supports change of display window.。

aIf I win the heart of my love, I will not part with her till the end of my life. 如果我博得我的爱的好感,我不会分开与她直到我的生活的结尾。 [translate]

a时势是一阵一阵的,即使你现在完全领悟了巴菲特的思想,也不可能有他的成就 The current situation is by fits and starts, even if you completely have comprehended Buffett's thought now, also not impossible to have his achievement [translate]

a饭店大厅 Hotel hall [translate]

a最近都没啥人理我,好烦 What recently didn't have person to manage me, good bothersome [translate]

a受到父母鼓舞,她下定决心成为一名真正的魔女,离开家乡去寻找属于自己的城市。一只黑猫跟随着两块五英语怎么说,她出发了。被一个海滨小城吸引,她打算在那留下来。 Receives the parents to inspire, she sets firm resolve into a genuine succuba, leaves the hometown to seek belongs to own city.While a black cat with, she embarked.By a seashore small town attraction, she was planned remains down in that. [translate]

aGay Feet Licking @ Pretty Nu 相当舔@ Nu的快乐脚 [translate]

athe stress of trying to finish papers in time 重音设法完成纸及时 [translate]

a进入21世纪以来,随着社会经济的快速发展和人民群众生活水平的大幅提高,以及电力体制改革的不断深入 Since has entered for the 21st century, enhances largely along with the social economy fast development and the people living standard, as well as electric power organizational reform unceasingly thorough [translate]

aV line 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

aDemon Dragon 邪魔龙 [translate]

a鼻贴 The nose pastes [translate]

amagicians 魔术师 [translate]

a橡胶弹簧 Rubber spring [translate]

aHa ha, you laugh to death me, you believe, is really silly get cute. Ha ha,您笑到死亡我,您相信,是真正地傻的得到逗人喜爱。 [translate]

a总结出好的经验与做法 Summarizes the good experience and the procedure [translate]

aFor the majority of patients, who will never be resectable, the continuum of care with chemotherapy will be the paradigm for their management 为多数患者,不会resectable两块五英语怎么说,关心连续流以化疗将是范例为他们的管理 [translate]

aChinese Canada trade prospects 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

aIn order to investigate this alternative,the association between the extent to which a firm aims to minimize its tax liability, and the extent to which it aims to achieve other profit-related objectives, has been examined. 为了调查这个选择,协会在企业打算使它的纳税义务减到最小和程度它打算达到其他profit-related目标的程度之间,被审查。 [translate]

anegociating bank 谈判的银行 [translate]

apractice the conversation above with your partnen.pay attention to what does he look 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。anever give less than your best 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。aafter you cough into your hands 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。

a昨天不是已经发送给你了吗? Yesterday has not been already transmits for you? [translate]

a只要你努力积淀了一些东西,到某个时候,自然就会成功 So long as you accumulated some things diligently, to some time, can succeed naturally [translate]

a并且试图了解奥古斯丁的友爱观如何建构上帝之城这一新社群 And attempts to understand how Augustin's friendly affection view does construct city of this new social group God [translate]

acrimple plier 折叠的crimple [translate]

a赵老师非常地幽默 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a冰燕 Ice swallow [translate]


a一年级硕士 Freshman class master [translate]

a我刚刚又发了一张照片给你,看到了吗? I just sent a picture to give you, has seen? [translate]

a你的笔友会讲什么语言 your pen pal can speak any language [translate]。在“语文”教学上,美国中小学一般把阅读和英语语言(english language art)教学分开。a语言文化素养 language culture accomplishment [translate]。

a老师在上完一课后需要进行阶段小测试 Teacher after finishes attending a class to need to carry on the stage small test [translate]

a学生的学习情况 Student's study situation [translate]

a知道多少 Knows how many [translate]

a国庆长假我想了很多问题。 National Day the long vacation I have thought very many questions. [translate]

aScreening and characterization of oleaginous yeast colonies 产油的酵母殖民地的掩护和描述特性 [translate]

alposer lposer [translate]

a你能告诉我我们今天下午将在哪儿开会吗 Where will you be able to tell me us this afternoon in to hold a meeting [translate]

a丰城卫视 Abundant city Wei Shi [translate]

aGreen Health 绿色健康 [translate]

a也许我们应该想办法使我们两个部门进行更好的沟通 Perhaps we should try to find solution to cause our two departments to carry on a better communication [translate]

a上午在干什么呢 Is doing any in the morning [translate]

a你承认你是狗了? You acknowledged you were the dog? [translate]

a今宵はほら二人で1000% love❤ Tonight with the [ho] and others two people 1000% love❤ [translate]

a台风经过了 The typhoon passed through [translate]

aThe cold weather, pay attention to keep warm! The weather always changing, but friendship forever 冷气候,保持温暖的薪水注意! 天气总永远改变,但友谊 [translate]

a根据公司的要求 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

aS$220540:Say USD two hundred and twenty thousand five hundred and forty dollar only. S$220540 :言USD二百和仅二万五百和四十美元。 [translate]

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