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并且这些包的颜色包括:蓝、绿、粉红、红、黑、灰、紫、黄、米色、橙色及棕褐色,而这些色彩和每只铂金包所使用的材质是密不可分的 的翻

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And color of these packages include: blue, green, pink, red, black, gray, purple, yellow, beige, orange and brown, the color and each of these platinum package materials used are inextricably linked


And color of these packages include: Blue, green, pink, red, black, grey, purple, yellow, Brown and beige, Orange, and these colours and each material used by the Platinum package is inseparable


And these colors include: blue green and pink red black and gray purple and yellow and beige, orange and Tan, used these colours and Platinum package material are inseparable


并 and 这 number 颜 color package include: 蓝, 绿, powder 红, 红, black and gray, 黄, purple, and Beige, orange and brown, and 这 of color, and each 只 铂 Kim package the materials 质 is inseparable


And these packages of colors include: Blue, green, flesh color, red, black, ash, purple, yellow, cream color, orange and sepia, but these colors and each platinum gold package of institute uses the material quality is inseparable


aTotal 0.021573(s) query 3, xQuery by MikeJ, Time now is:08-29 17:42, Gzip enabled 共计0.021573 (s)询问3, xQuery由MikeJ,时间现在是:08-29 17:42, Gzip使能 [translate]

a代替她 代替你 代替我 Replaces her to replace you to replace me [translate]


aemergency safety systems actuations 紧急情况的安全系统驱动 [translate]

ano, we don't they are hard for english people 没有,我们不他们为英国人民是坚硬的 [translate]

a请把这面墙涂成绿色 Please spread this wall the green [translate]

a毫无疑问有了计算机的帮助,人们能生活的更容易 Had the computer help without a doubt, the people can live easily [translate]


asmoothie innocent 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

aA Lange & Sohne, HK - display towers 并且丙烯酸酯的商店商标signage [translate]

a低温补偿功能,可提高低温工作室的控温精度。 The low temperature compensatory function, may enhance the low temperature work room to control the warm precision. [translate]

我相信有這樣的事情,我自己也經歷過,當仁波切和喇嘛們來到亞洲的國家時,像是這裏或其他地方,他們把上師們看成是金融顧問,你總是跑到上師那邊去問,如何解決你的經濟問題,股票問題,都是這些,而不是佛法上的問題。 其實 fdc servers 這家美國的主機商我從 2011 年 8 月用到現在,大概也半年多時間,這半年來先後用過他的 vps 與 dedicated servers 等服務,整體來說相當不錯,除了斷線、當機次數少、每次斷線的時間很短之外,每次有啥問題寫信問客服都有很快的回應,大部分情況下解決問題的速度也都算快。在此只想提醒一下大家,如果在國外留學經商或旅行,遇到諸如“護照遺失”、“生命財產安全遇到危險或遭受損失”等之類自己無力解決的問題,請不要繼續用國內息事寧人或私下解決等方式去處理問題,請第一時間去找所在國最近的使領館尋求幫助。

aexogenous. 外生。 [translate]

if you wipe it with a tissue paper or a paper towel, the infrared sensor will be damaged and may not be able to measure correctly.store the unit out of children's reach.。【简介】glued insulation joint || 胶结绝缘接头 glued joint || 胶接接头 glutamate microbial sensor || 微生物谷氨酸传感器 glutamate microbial transducer || 微生物谷氨酸传感器 glutamic acid microbial sensor || 微生物谷氨酸传感器。 检查传感器和被测温度范围室内盘管入口温度传感器故障 双色灯的红灯闪亮5次棕色英语怎么读purple,停2秒 传感器坏、脱离固定套或检测温度超范围 检查传感器和被测温度范围室内盘管中点温度传感器故障 双色灯的红灯闪亮6次,停2秒 传感器坏、脱离固定套或检测温度超范围 检查传感器和被没温度范围。

acetre dist with mate cetre dist与伙伴 [translate]

aThe man with a tie and shirt will get nervous and then get pimples when he is in front of strangers. 当他是在陌生人前面,人用领带和衬衣将得到紧张然后得到丘疹。 [translate]


aWith the testing machine manufacturer to design developed in two sets of test equipment, are the first domestic 与测试机制造商到在二套开发的设计试测器材,是第一国内 [translate]

aFailure to Deliver Acceptable Results 疏忽实现可接受的结果 [translate]

a我爱你 不单单是说说而已. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a只需要相信我 Only needs to believe me [translate]

a但前提是要从理解和沟通的角度出发 But the premise is must embarks from the understanding and the communication angle [translate]

aI didn’t miss only tube would I want to TianYa want to cape. 我没有错过仅管我会想要TianYa想要海角。 [translate]

aMr May and Mr Crisp 在干嘛 Mr May and Mr Crisp is doing [translate]

a感性和重视友情是她的另一个写照 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

aAnd slower and lower yeah 并且更慢和降低呀 [translate]

aA tour of the Wuxi Mountains in the northwest of Fujian Province is well worth your time 无锡山的游览在福建省西北部很值您的时间 [translate]

a不能到户外玩 Cannot arrive the outdoors to play [translate]

a药疗显著,这是名副其实 The medicine cures obviously, this is worthy of the name [translate]

a我的小学英语老师是周老师 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]


a专栏,栏目 Column, column [translate]

ayou-ried the My whole heart Without reserve. 你ried没有储备的我的整体心脏。 [translate]

a在这个班级里 我们不能容忍这样的行为 We cannot tolerate such behavior in this class and grade [translate]

a资源评估 Resources appraisal [translate]

awith a history of over 100 years,the little town possesses a unique glamour 以在100年期间的历史,小的镇拥有独特的魅力 [translate]

ato give rise to 提升 [translate]

a34438 views 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。awe noticed the sum of the subitems (1,898,208,400) are slightly different from the total amount 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。a请结束一切把 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]。

a大兵的队得了71分 Main strength team 71 minutes [translate]

aIt is important not to believe everything we read 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

acranky 胡思乱想 [translate]

a你来自那所学校? You come from that school? [translate]

a我记得老师在课堂上曾经说过: I remembered teacher's has said in the classroom: [translate]

a我想念我的家乡 I think of my hometown [translate]


a由于被人诬陷而失去官职 Because brings a false charge against by the human loses the government position [translate]

a那天晚上我玩的很开心,晚会上的其他人也都一样 That evening I play very happy, at party other people also all same [translate]

a=?gb2312?B?wO7A9rfm?= = ?gb2312 ?B ?wO7A9rfm ?= [translate]

a亲爱的Bob Dear Bob [translate]

a迄今为止,只有三个国家送宇航员上太空 Until now, only then three countries deliver on the astronaut the outer space [translate]

a那你能给我介绍一下棉纤维是由什么组成的吗? Then you can give me to introduce the cotton and kapok textile fiber is composed by what? [translate]

athe communicative purposes of summaries may be to inform and present ,in general technical communivation 直言目的 总结 愿是通知和存在 一般 技术communivation [translate]

a预计大概花1万元左右 The estimate probably spends about 10,000 Yuan [translate]

a吉姆的头发应该剪短 Jim's hair should clip [translate]

aVraiment 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

acontents of which have been noted 内容,其中被注意了 [translate]

a吉姆应该把头发剪短 Jim should clip the hair [translate]

aa reconstruction of why it had been introduced had to be made pbulic 重建为什么介绍了它必须使成为pbulic [translate]

aTom is afraid of does.One day,he walked to a gate.A big dog was sleeping.He asked the gatekeeper,''Does your dog bite?'' 汤姆害怕。一天,他走了到门。一条大狗睡觉。他要求看门人, "您的狗咬伤?" [translate]

a对a来说,他是否将被邀请去参加他的派对并不重要 To a, he is invited whether to participate not not importantly his faction to [translate]

a并且这些包的颜色包括:蓝、绿、粉红、红、黑、灰、紫、黄、米色、橙色及棕褐色,而这些色彩和每只铂金包所使用的材质是密不可分的 And these packages of colors include: Blue, green, flesh color, red, black, ash, purple, yellow, cream color, orange and sepia, but these colors and each platinum gold package of institute uses the material quality is inseparable [translate]