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不能审核通过 的翻译是:Not approved 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

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Can not be vetted and approved


Not approved


Not approved


cannot be audited through


Cannot verify passes


aPlease open your new tracking application and use the following code complete the registration process: QWKU3JU3 请打开您新的跟踪的应用并且使用以下代码完成注册过程: QWKU3JU3 [translate]


27. what lesson did the author learn from this experience。d like to have pigeon with crisp skin.a: sure, sir. but it takes quite a while to prepare this dish. please be patient.b: how do you prepare it。a我只想知道准确的答案,今天要不要过来这,我好节约我宝贵的时间 i only want to know the accurate answer, must come today this, i good save my precious time [translate]。

a这是发生在我身边的一个真实的故事 This is occurs in my side real story [translate]

a两面煎鸡蛋 Both sides fry the egg [translate]

a你说的话我 一句都 听不懂 你说的话我一句都听不懂 [translate]

aProject development 项目发展 [translate]

aI have always loved you color 我总爱您颜色 [translate]

aIt can't read notes before you not said. 它不可能在您之前读笔记没说。 [translate]

a没有比这更差的了 Has not compared this badly [translate]

aNo reason for it 它的没有原因 [translate]

a要想我哦~~~ Must think my oh ~~~ [translate]

ahitichi hitichi [translate]

a全厂仍有少量存煤可以继续运行。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

其中凸透镜的屈光率为n1,厚为d1,圆柱透镜屈光率为n2厚为d3两透镜距离为e2, j为透镜之power,入为波长,其它如上图所示,由以下公式可以求出圆柱透镜的曲率半径:。1.配置备份分为手工备份和自动备份二种方式,自动备份可以备份在分行提供的外接存贮服务器上,使用sftp或ftp协议,手工备份由堡垒机管理员登录到前台,在堡垒机界面上进行配置备份。堡垒机可以使用ftp或sftp的方式将日志外发到外接存贮上,外发方式为增量备份,每天凌晨2点将前一天的审计数据上发到外接存贮上。

a今天上午你收到你叔叔的来信吗? This morning you receive your uncle's incoming letter? [translate]

liu jianchao: in march 20: pisces or aries, birthday password click to view [march 20] was born in march 20 one of the advantages: reasonable, sensitive, versatile. march 20 birth of people missing...。people born in march 30 advantages: ahead, full of energy, to pursue their dreams. people born in march 30 shortcomings: has been under considerable pressure, isolation, rebel. born in march 30 suggested that: calm down, instead of rushing to explain, someone else will...。2012年11月28日合肥地区最新价格,敬请关注爱卡合肥车市 hefei.xcar.com.cn。

a西亭脆饼选用上等精白面粉为主料,经二十八道工序,用手工制成。脆饼用微火烘烤,表面黄而不焦;脆饼的工艺考究,每只饼有十八层次,君若不信,用开水泡饼,则层次清晰可见。西亭脆饼有两种吃法:干吃和用开水泡了吃。干吃则松脆香酥应该不能英文翻译,因面上沾有芝麻,所以越嚼越香;用开水泡了吃,则鲜甜适口,特别适合老年人的胃口。 West the pavilion cracknel selects the superior fine white bread flour is the mother stock, after 28 working procedures, with makes manually.The cracknel bakes with the slow fire, surface Huang Er is not burnt; The cracknel craft is elegant, each cake has 18 levels, Mr. if does not believe, soaks t [translate]


a章程 Regulation [translate]

aAutumn child 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a在这生产过程中 In this production process [translate]

aexpedite a plan to design and finance a flood control system to enhance the natural beauty of the river. 加速计划设计和提供经费给防洪系统提高河的自然秀丽。 [translate]


aBe skilled at Core Java or J2EE technologies · Be good at Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Design Patterns 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

aAre you still in china now ? 现在您是否是平静在瓷? [translate]

aAn effective objective is clear about how success will be measured and provides specific information to help you determine how you will achieve it. 一个有效的宗旨是清楚的关于怎样成功将被测量并且提供具体信息帮助您确定怎么您将达到它。 [translate]

ahas not been previously assessed. 早先未估计。 [translate]

aTurned days 被转动的天 [translate]

a付春江 Pays the spring river [translate]

a项目通过初稿审查 Project through first draft examination [translate]

ainformation of the returned part is present with the sheet customer claim attached 返回的部分的信息是存在以附上的板料顾客要求 [translate]

aphotos displayed ln 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a消应力 Disappears the stress [translate]

aand manganese must be added to the wire during initial casting. Electrodes and wires for [translate]

aEach SMARTcheck question should be addressed in either the objective description or target. 在客观描述或目标应该提出每个SMARTcheck问题。 [translate]

aMy fat mc&al file contanu very Wile of substance. 物质我的肥胖mc&al非常文件contanu诡计。 [translate]

a​ ​ ​ I write to inform you that we re interested in your products. 我写通知您我们关于对您的产品感兴趣。 [translate]

aThe upper chambers of the heart are called atrium 心脏的上部房间称心房 [translate]

aThere is no imposed limit to the ’.pbk’ file size although compiling very large files will take a number of minutes. 没有强加的极限到’ .pbk’文件大小,虽然编写非常大文件将需要一定数量的分钟。 [translate]

ait's difficult to wait but more difficult to regret! 等待,但更难后悔是难的! [translate]


a厦门环岛路 Xiamen rotary island road [translate]

a精益求精,追求卓越 Strives for perfection, the pursue is remarkable [translate]

aI am very bold in accepting your favour. 我是非常大胆的在接受您的厚待。 [translate]

a.1):Creat HONGKONG(offshore) company -cost 3800rmb, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a1. Select the desired surface part(s) in the Main Parts list. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

awe can turn the sheet over 我们可以转动板料


aMBCL will open the training course in SABA for you, please contact your LC. [translate]

ain a company Where the only limit to your professional success is you 在公司中,对您的专业成功的唯一的极限是您


aThese inspections may only be carried out by employees of Loos or by persons who have been expressly authorised by Loos to carry out such work. 这些检查也许只执行由厕所的雇员或由明确地由Loos批准执行这样工作的人。 [translate]

a账户余额 Balance of account [translate]

a站长 Stationmaster [translate]

aHeating: Sufficiently high for the type of welding being done 热化: 充足地高为做的焊接的种类 [translate]

awas meinst du,willst du wissen mit wem und was ich gesprochen habe ? 您意味什么,要您知道与谁和哪些我讲了? [translate]

a(名) 通知; 消息; 报告 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

a不能审核通过 Cannot verify passes [translate]