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I have just received a letter from my old school, informing me that my former headmaster, Mr. Stuart Page, will be retiring next week. Pupils of the school, old and new, will be sending him a present to mark the occasion. All those who have contributed towards the gift will sign their names in a large album which will be sent to the headmaster's home. We shall all remember Mr. Page for his patience and understanding and for the kindly encouragement he gave us when we went so unwillingly to school. A great many former pupils will be attending a farewell dinner in his honour next Thursday. It is a curious coincidence that the day before his retirement, Mr. Page will have been teaching for a total of forty years. After he has retired, he will devote himself to gardening. For him, this will be an entirely new hobby. But this does not matter, for, as he has often remarked, one is never too old to learn.



m trying to open xxx.xls i get xxx1.xls. and i have noticed that since this started happening i only get the "save as" option when i go to save the file.what could be causing this。with an average lifespan of fifteen to eighteen years, the ragdoll makes a marvelous addition to any household that wants a beautiful, relaxed, and loving feline companion. however, a word to the wise: ragdolls are "like potato chips" – it is hard to have just one。you should arrive(到达) on time or five minutes late. don’t get there early. if you’re going to be more than fifteen minutes late, you should call before.。


It now came straight towards them at tremendous speed。 In less than a minute, it roared past them only a few feet away。 After it had passed, they swam on as quickly as they could because they knew that the boat would soon return。 They had just had enough time to swim out of danger when the boat again completed a circle。 On this occasion, however, it had slowed down considerably。 The petrol had nearly all been used up。 Before long, the noise dropped completely and the boat began to drift gently across the water。



'At the time the murder was committed, I was travelling on the 8 o'clock train to London,' said the man.

'Do you always catch such an early train?' asked the inspector.

'Of course I do,' answered the man. 'I must be at work at 10 o'clock. My employer will confirm that I was there on time.'

'Would a later train get you to work on time?' asked the inspector.

'I suppose it would, but I never catch a later train.'

'At what time did you arrive at the station?'

'At ten to eight. I bought a paper and waited for the train.'

'And you didn't notice anything unusual?'

'Of course not.'

my parents are very strict.because i have so many family rules.for example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.on weekends,i have to go home before nine p.m.it's strict,but i think it's necessary.and i must finish my homework in time.i can't play computer games.i have to wash clothes by myself.i have to get up at six o'clock every morning.and i have to be in bed by ten o'clock.thanks to these rules.i can live health.but i think to be in bed by ten o'clock is unfair。n: but the third little pig was a clever little pig. the next morning he set off at 5 o’clock and filled his basket with carrots. then he hurried home before 6 o’clock.。i pricked again the points at the shichen of you in the afternoon as the way of pricking at the shichen of mao (6 o`clock in the morning) and pricked again the points at the shichen of zi in the evening as the way of pricking at the shichen of wu (12 o`clock in the noon).。



True nobility


In a calm sea every man is a pilot.


But all sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, is not life at all.Take the lot of the happiest - it is a tangled yarn.Bereavements and blessings,one following another, make us sad and blessed by turns. Even death itself makes life more loving. Men come closest to their true selves in the sober moments of life, under the shadows of sorrow and loss.


In the affairs of life or of business, it is not intellect that tells so much as character, not brains so much as heart, not genius so much as self-control, patience, and discipline, regulated by judgment.


I have always believed that the man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without. In an age of extravagance and waste, I wish I could show to the world how few the real wants of humanity are.


To regret one's errors to the point of not repeating them is true repentance.There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.