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46. face n脸, 表情 v面对,面向,正视 face sth 面朝,面对 be faced with …面对,遇到

47. ●fade vt./vi 褪色,(颜色)消退 The sun had faded the curtains.

The curtains had faded in the sun.

fade away (to disappear gradually) her smile /laughter /voice faded away

48. fail v.失败,不及格,衰退,未发生 failure n, 失败

fail to do sth power failure

fail ( in ) sth words failed me.

fail in doing My eyesight failed.

If rain fails, the farmers will suffer.

I fail to see why you won’t give it a try.

◎failure. n. 失败 Failure is the mother of success

失败的人或事 The man is a ~. The party was a ~

49. fair adj公平的,相当大的,白皙的,晴朗的, 金黄的:n.博览会

my mother is a ().she’s 34 years old.she is a pretty woman.she’s thin .she is not tall.her hair is long.every day she gets up early and goes home late.she works very hard and she loves her job .。these four girls are very different, let me introduce them, meg, the eldest of the four, was sixteen, and very pretty, being plump and fair, with large eyes, plenty of soft, brown hair, a sweet mouth, and white hands, of which she was rather vain。t delicate cup to drink, only a rough bowl of water, the father not jiongjiongweishen eyes, a pair of only a pair for trifling and deeply sunken to eye, the father not smooth skin, only the sun shine skin dark, the father of a pretty face, not only for a day and night worrying about leaving a deep wrinkles in the face.。

50.fall (fell fallen) n秋季,跌倒; v降落,突然到来; 系动词v进入…状态

fall ill/asleep/silent fall behind

fall over fall to the ground

fall down from../fall off… A sudden silence fell.

My birthday falls on a Monday this year.

51. ◎fantastic. adj. 极好的 That s an ~idea.

巨大的 a ~ amount of money 荒诞的 a ~dream

52. far adj /adv远的,远地 farther, further ( further表抽象含义further study)

far from:离…远; 远远不… His work is far from satisfactory.

As/so far as I can see= In my opinion=Personally依我看….

53. fault n 缺点,毛病 Why should I say sorry when it’s not my fault?

find fault with sb

54. favor n 恩惠,好处,帮忙 Could you do me a favor?

Can I ask a favor? 请帮个忙好吗? We are all in favor of the plan.

55. ●feast盛会,宴会 v. feast your eyes n. a wedding feast

The evening was a real feast for music lovers.

56. feed v 喂养,饲养 They have a large family to feed.

We feed horses on grass.(We feed grass to horses.)

57.feel (felt,felt) vt, link.v 发觉,意识到,感觉

She couldn’t feel her legs.他的双腿失去了知觉。

You will feel better after a good night’s sleep.

I am not quite feeling myself today. We teachers feel strongly that …

The blind man felt his way along the road. feel like sth/doing sth

58.few n,adj 不多,少数,少数的,

only a few/quite a few/a good few/every few days

i have a lot of friends, but i have only a few good friends. one of them is my best friend. we ...。ex. i have a few friends. 肯 i have few friends . 否。i have a big problem now. i am a bit shy. i have few friends. i really don’t know whom i should ask for help. when i am in trouble. i am always afraid that i will disturb them. what should i do。

The few friends I made here are all teachers.

59.figure n,v数字,图形,身形,人物 be round in figure 呈圆形 have a good figure 身材好

figure out a problem 算出一道题 I couldn’t figure out who he was.我想不出他是谁。

60.fill vt vi填满,装满 Fill the glass with water.

A big crowd filled the hall. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears.

fill in the blank/fill in the hole/fill up

61.film n v 电影,影片,拍摄 develop a film

Everything was covered in a film of dust.

62.find (found,found) 找到,发现,感到 find one’s way

I find it necessary to find a good map.

When she came to, she found herself lying in bed.

The teacher found herself surrounded by her students.

I wanted to talk to him but he was nowhere to be found.

63.fire n 火 v射击,开火,解雇,点燃 be on fire for /fire sb

64.fit n合适的衣服adj合适的,胜任的v适合

a good fit/be fit for/be fit to do/keep fit/fit sb well/ think(see) fit to do 认为合适

65.fix v.修理,安装,确定,决定 Has the date of the meeting been fixed?

The car can’t start—can you fix it?

All the students are listening to the teacher with their eyes fixed on the blackboard.

This is a fixed phrase.

66. flash n 闪光,转瞬间v闪光

Memories flashed through my mind.往事历历在目。 a flash of lightning/in a flash

69. ◎flesh. n. 肉 your own ~ and blood 你自己的亲骨肉

in the flesh 亲自,本人

70. flood n 洪水,一大阵 v 淹没 The river is in flood.河水泛滥。

短文中指出“尽管这些大学也存在着一些问题,去年美国的3500所大学吸引了来自全球l93个国家的50多万名学生”,be flooded with意为“充斥”,暗指学生如潮水般涌入美国大学,也就是说,美国大学吸引了来自世界各地的学生。这不禁让我想起小时候老家长辈教我的一个字——“pā”,这个字读“pā”,一声,量词,和“堆”、“滩”差不多,一般用来形容比较大的污秽物和大型动物的排泄物,如好大一“pā”牛粪,好大一 “pā”尿等等。零陵区立异“1+n”组团式办事解难题,将城区划分单位网格204个,依照“一格一员”的尺度装备网格办理员,知心为平易近办事,奉行以社区党委牵头,、环卫、园林、等22个本能性能部分参与的“1+n”组团式办事,将社区党委委员战有关本能性能部分事情职员义务到网格,有关本能性能部分参与,和谐联动,鞭策问题处理正在一线,办事跟进到群众身边,出力处理了影响居平易近一样平常糊口的水欠亨、不服、灯不亮、气不滞、卫生差等问题事务战危及生命财富平安的隐患。

Warmth flooded my heart.我心里热乎乎的。

71.floor n地板,(议会的)发言权 take the floor发言

live on the third floor have/get the floor取得发言权

72. ◎fluent adj. 流利的 He is ~ in English. He speaks ~ English

fluently adv. fluency n.

73. fly(flew, flown) v 飞,飞行,放,飘,突然开n 飞行,苍蝇

Birds fly in the sky. A flag flies in the wind.

How time flies.时间飞逝。 The door flew open.门突然开了。

74. ◎focus. vt. 集中 ~ one s eyes /attention Eyes were ~ed on him

n. 焦点,引人注目的中心

75. follow v 跟随开头是f的单词,效仿,跟得上

follow sb up the stairs/follow one’s example/follow this road

in the following years Their requirements are as follows. Do you follow me?

The teacher came in, followed by some students./following some students.

76.fool n傻子 v愚弄 make a fool of sb fool sb into doing sth All(April)Fools’ Day

77.for ten for a dollar/take sb for a fool/So much for today/

a ticket for tomorrow He is tall for his age

78. ●forbid 禁止;不许 ________,_________

forbid sb. from doing forbid sb.to do forbid doing the Forbidden City

79. force v强迫,迫使n 外力

force sb to do sth force sb into doing force one’s way force a smile

82. forget v忘记 forget to do sth/forget doing

Don’t forget me to your mother. You must do it before you forget it.

Forget about sth 别再想… Forget it.

83. ●fortune u/n财产;运气 seek one’s fortune make one’s fortune

84. free v自由的开头是f的单词,空闲的,免费的 be free from/of

free of charge/for free/free sb from(of) a tax-free shop/a smoke-free room

85. freeze vi vt 结冰 Water freezes at zero degrees centigrade.

I am freezing.我快冻僵了。 Smiles froze on her face.笑容在她脸上僵住了。

be frozen/freeze to death freezing cold/burning hot

86. fresh adj新鲜的 fresh air/water/color/news

87. friend n 朋友 make friends with sb a friend of Mary’s / a friend of mine

friendly adj友好的

88.fun n 有趣的事,娱乐,玩笑 It is great fun to swim in a pool in summer.

have fun doing just for fun make fun of sb

89. ◎function. n. 功能,作用,职责 the ~ of a chairman. 聚会,集会 official ~s

v. 起作用,正常工作 The machine functions well.