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我的好朋友英语作文_英语作文范文篇一:我的好朋友英语作文I have a good friend. She is a girl. And she is pretty. She is very good at English! And her English grades are very well!My good friend is a student of HengFu Road Middle School in class five junior one. She is 13 years old. She is 1 years older than me. And she has two beautiful eyes. She has a cherry mouth and a little nose. She loves to smile. And her smile is very beautiful.Do you know her hobby? Let me tell you! Her favourite sport is badminton. She enjoys doing housework and playing computer games. So her mother loves her very much. And all of her family love her, too.I am very happy to be her friends!篇二:我的好朋友英语作文My Good Friend Zhang Ying is my good friend. Shes in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao Primary School. Shes a model student. Shes clever and shes helpful, too. She often helps teachers and young students at school. She is good at Chinese, maths,Zhang Ying is my good friend. She’s in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao Primary School. She’s a model student. She’s clever and she’s helpful, too. She often helps teachers and young students at school. She is good at Chinese, maths, English, arts and crafts, music and so on. She has a lot of hobbies. She likes painting and drawing. And she likes listening to music, having picnics with her parents. Oh yeah, she likes fishing, too. But she doesn’t like playing basketball, football, table tennis or volleyball. Zhang Ying is the best friend of mine. I like playing with her. We always work together and help each other.篇三:我的好朋友英语作文My friend Wei Hua was born in March, 1988. He lives in Beijing now. His father is a worker and his mother works in a hospital. He is good at maths and often gets full marks.As good friends, we often play basketball together. He often helps me with maths when I have difficulty in it. He wants to be a scientist when he grows up.My best frierd’s name is Wei Hua.’He was born in Hunan in March, ()1988. But now he lives in Beijing. His parents work in Beijing. His father is a worker and his mother is a doctor.wei Hua is interested in playing basketball. We often play basketball together. He does wellin maths and it’s his best subject. My maths isn’t good. He often helps me. He says he will be a scientist when he grows up.英语作文我的朋友 my day 英语作文 my dream 英语作文篇一:My ClassroomMy classroom is nice and big . There are forty desks and chairs in the classroom. There are two black boards on the walls. And there are two pictures, too. My classroom has eleven lights and twelve fans. What colour are the fans ? They are blue. At the coner, there is a shelf , many books are in the shelf. I like the books very much.This is my classroom , it is very nice. I like my classroom very much . Do you have a nice classroom, too ?篇二:Last SundayYesterday was Sunday, I didn’t go to school, but I was busy.In the morning, I got up at eight o’clock, then I ate breakfast. After breakfast, I cleaned my room, it was dirty but it is clean now. In the afternoon, I played badminton with my friends. In the evening, my sister and I ate some cookies, ice cream and drank some juice and milk, but I didn’t like chocolate. After finishing my homework, I watched TV and listened to music.I had a good time last Sunday!篇三:Mother and IMy name is Wu jiawei. My English name is Jerry. I like fruits very much, but I don’t like eating vegetables.Sometimes I like riding a bike and doing some exercises on the playground. I don’t like reading some books, but I like drawing pictures.I like many animals, and I like English so much.My mum is young, she is always very tired because she is very busy. ()Everyday she gets up early in the morning and cooks breakfast for us. In the evening, she often reads some newspaper before she goes to bed.I love my mum, and she loves me too!篇四:Good friendI have a good friend. she is a beautiful girl. she has long black hair, two big black eyes and a red mouth. her voice is better. she is good at singing.She is a clever girl. She likes reading books , playing computer games and chess. she is also nice. she often helps us . our classmates like her very much.初中英语作文范文 5 篇四级英语作 文范文四,六级英语作文范文选篇一:关于低碳生活的英语作文Presently, a new lifestyle called low carbon life is spreading every corner of our country. The concepts of low carbon are low energy and no waste. It is such a significant project that I can’t wait to present my ideas on how to promote it.On the first place, a no-car day is supposed to set up every week in our school. Because cars not only cause serious air pollution but also waste energy. On no-car day, neither students nor teachers are allowed to drive to school. Meanwhile, just walk, jump, cycle or run. Use our legs and enjoy the fun.On the second place, we had best not use plastic bags any more. No one can stand the “white pollution”。

So, it is wise to use bags which can be reused again and again.Finally, one thing that we should keep in mind: every big thing comes from the subtle. Therefore, as students, we ought to turn out the lights the moment we leave, turn off the tap in time, and reuse our textbook and so on.All in all, it weighs greatly for all of us to put the low carbon lifestyle into practice. Just set our mind to these: no-car day, no plastic bags, and no waste. Let’s do it now.篇二:关于低碳生活的英语作文Currently,my school is launching an activity whose theme is that actions change the world to advocate the low carbon living.In the activity,we are required to go to school or some other place by bike or by foot as much as possible instead of by bus.And when the Christmas comes,sending e-greeting cards instead of tridional cards of which are made of wood as we know.Besides,we should use both sides of every piece of paper and we should save water as well as electricity.I believe that only we do thus can we have a better living environment.篇三:关于低碳生活的英语作文Today’s society is a highly developed technological society. However, the shortcomings in the development process are obvious, such as: carbon dioxide, and environmental pollution. But the most serious should be the carbon dioxide problem.Now the problem of global warming because of excess emissions of greenhouse gases. Excessive amount of carbon dioxide emissions, creating a diversified economy and La Nina phenomena lag disorder. Two levels of glaciers melting, polar animals lose their chance ofsurvival at the same time, will lead to rising sea levels, many coastal cities into the water did not result in a few years later. Therefore, we must take the necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide. From Joozone.com.For example: tree-planting activities, reduce fossil fuel use, we can from our own, to promote low-carbon living.有志者事竟成英语作文志愿者英语作文读书的好处英语作文篇一:关于五 一的英语作文I had a great time throughout my May Day Holiday.On Monday, I went BBQ with my classmates who threw a celebration party at our middle school principle’s flat. Our parents were invited to the party. Everybody was excited about the holiday. I ate a lot of delicious food at that time.On Tuesday, I went visiting my uncle’s family with my parents. We went to celebrate our good time at a fancy restaurant in Shanghai. Later that day, we sang karaoke in my uncle’s house. We stayed for the night.On Wednesday, I went shopping with my cousins. We bought some brand name t-shirts and pants. In the afternoon, my cousins gave me a fun ride on the city highway. They also taught me how to drive their fancy car, so I tried to do some turning and parking. It was not easy first. But I learnt quick.On Thursday, we returned home with many gifts from our trip. I tried to get some rest. At night, I chatted with my classmates on the phone, and I watched CCTV before going to bed.From Friday on, I started to finish up my homework assignments on my personal laptop. Some of my assignments were quite boring. After I finished the homework, I emailed them to my teachers. That was the end of it. I started to prepare things for school on this coming Monday.All in all, I enjoyed my May Day Holiday in many ways.篇二:关于五一的英语作文A wind and the calendar of the afternoon, me and my mother, cousin and the cousin yo dog to clean air, scenic Geleshan play. Small colorful flowers to welcome our arrival with a smile; Xiaocaohu their small head out and waved to us. We enjoy the beautiful scenery while hiking.Along the way, yo dog to hop to hop from time to time naughty and jumped into the water hole, the others have a muddy splash. We came to a rock and saw the beautiful, fragrant honeysuckle fill the fields. Cousin cousin and I could not wait to pick up the pick pocket honeysuckle. ()Pick a pick, and I was honeysuckle mixed with a bit of rattan, the foot-slip, fall down on. If my hand tightly grasped the honeysuckle vines and perhaps on to pieces of it. End mining flowers, the mother asked us: “Do you know what the benefits of honeysuckle it?” Cousinsaid: “Honeysuckle is Shannon.” Cousin said: “Honeysuckle Qingre, Reduce Pathogenic Fire.” I said : “Honeysuckle can also be down summer heat.” her mother said: “You are right, but the best place honeysuckle is native, does not appreciate other people’s live.”After the play, I not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to understand the truth in life. Ah really gain a lot.篇三:关于五一的英语作文Today is Labor Day I wanted sleepy of the problems may depend on how in bed together after a while do not want to mother and father ran hastily from which my father said He Shan and I want your mother to buy a big market Guangcai furniture at home idle you nothing you do for a long time on the work you did not clean your room on ah finished cleaning your room left.Father’s work, then how can pyronaridine I do not sound lazy to climb up to wash clothes brush it started cleaning the garbage I have to say about a good clean-up to blame the sorry though I am a girl but the room was indeed a public In fact, the landfill vice table I put things out of the room to have a short while into the living room sofa table are filled with things I used Then I put the cloth to clean the table a second time to I have lived for half a table wiping the sweat as well as silk, such as rain fell like a short while, after all, summer is coming so hot on my hand wiped sweat not continue to the table that I am now seriously discredited it So the every corner of the floor had become dirty clean call me a bum sitting on the bed followed by breathing only clean up the garbage on the line out of the room worked hard in my finally clean.Although I am very tired but neat room, I watched very happy!五一英语作文五一劳动节英 语作文