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名词性从句一、单项选择题 : 1.The notice came around two in the afternoon_______ the meeting would be postponed。 B。 that C。 whether D。 howA。 when2. In my point of view, the question is not ________ the world is going to have a new economic crisis, but when。A。 that3.B。 howC。 whatD。 whetherIt doesn’t matter _________you turn right or left at the crossing ---both roads lead to the park。 B。 how C。 if D。whenA。 whether4. What we can learn from the story is ____ you mustn’t blame children for the mistakes of their parents。

A。 whereB。 whatC。 whetherD。 that5. ____ life began on the earth is one of the biggest puzzles to scientists。A。 HowB。 WhatC。 WhereD。 That6. Many people called to ask ____ the match was indeed canceled because of the rain。A。 whyB。 whenC。 howD。 if7.。 It is still unclear ____ the little boy got the CD player to work。A。 where8.B。 whatC。 thatD。 howJerry did not regret giving the comment but felt ______ he could have expressed it differently。 B。 how C。 that D。 whetherA。 why9.The Mekong River Commission has found no evidence ____ the dams on the upper reaches have an influence on thewater flow downstream。

A。 which B。 that C。 where D。 what10. Tim is forever lying, so don’t believe _________ he says。A。 Whatever11.B。 no matter what C。 howeverD。 no matter howThe newcomer went to the library the other day and searched for ______ he could find about Mark Twain。 B。 however C。 whatever D。 whichever1/9A。 wherever12.- We've only got this small bookcase。 Will that do? I am looking for is something much bigger and stronger。 B。 that C。 what D。 which- No, A。 who13. Several times Kelly heard her name called but when she turned around to see ____ it was, no one was in the room。

A。 whoB。 whereC。 whyD。 what he reaches these limits will14. The limits of a person’s intelligence, generally speaking, are fixed at birth, butdepend on his environment。 A。 where15.B。 whetherC。 thatD。 whyWe promise _____attends the party a chance to have a photo taken with the movie star。 B。 whom C。 whoever D。 whomeverA。 who16. One advantage of owning your own car is ____ you can go anywhere at any time you like。A。 when17.B。 whyC。 whatD。 thatIt is still under discussion ____ the old bus station should be replaced with hotel or not。

B。 when C。 which D。 whereA。 Whether18.It is obvious to the students ____ they should get well prepared for their future。 B。 which C。 whether D。 thatA。 as19. ____ we go there by train or by ship makes no difference。 The time and the fees are the same。A。 Which20.B。 HowC。 WhetherD。 WhyEveryone in the village is very friendly。 It doesn’t matter ____you have lived there for a short or a long time。 B。 how C。 whether D。 whenA。 why21. In order to assess ____ the treatment will fit your lifestyle, please take a moment to answer a few questions aboutyourself。


A。 what22.B。 howC。 whyD。 whereTwenty students want to attend the class that aims to teach ____ to read first。 B。 who C。 how D。 why2/9A。 what23.Choosing the right dictionary depends on ____ you want to use it for。 B。 why C。 how D。 whetherA。 what24. The new curriculum advocates allowing students more time to participate in ________is referred to as communityservice。 A。 that B。 which C。 where D。 what25. He never makes a promise he doesn't intend to keep, so when he says forever, forever is ________he means。

A。 whatB。 howC。 whichD。 that26. Many people firmly believe ____ a healthy lifestyle can improve the quality of life。A。 thatB。 ifC。 howD。 why27. ________ is known to us that he is an honest man。A。 ThisB。 ThereC。 ThatD。 It28. Tom called customer service to question ____ his credit card bill was so high。A。 whetherB。 whyC。 howD。 when29. This depends on _________ the weather is fine。A。 which30.B。 whetherC。 ifD。 thatThere is clear evidence ____ the most difficult feeling of all to interpret is bodily pain。

B。 if C。 how D。 thatA。 what31. While these different forms of greetings and customs might seem strange to you, remember: ____ you considernormal probably seems equally strange to others。 A。 that B。 what C。 which D。 when32. Our father said that he ______a new computer next week。A。 will buyB。 have boughtC。 would buyD。 buys33. I don’t know ________ Mr。 Green will come to see us。 He’ll help us with our English。A。 whyB。 whenC。 howD。 where34.―Can you persuade your brother to go with us?―No, he will never do ________ he is asked to do。

in 2000, lisa graduated from harvard university (harvard university), is a magazine columnist. jobs did not recognize lisa is his own daughter, but later admitted to his relationship with lisa'。 three years high school life is such intense stimulates. recollected also a little is afraid, facing high school's intense sprint, diligently was admitted to a school dream of the university, everybody is the like this struggle, assaults the dream. at the present, steps into the university campus, studies the life has had the bored feeling.。,ordination guo in state department mo if part-time president.henceforth,if the guo mo hold the post of the technique university of science in china a president as long as 20。

A。 that; which B。 that; that C。 which; which D。 which; that39. After driving for five hours, they arrived at ____ they thought was the place they had been dreaming of。A。 whatB。 thatC。 whichD。 where40. Rather than telling your kid to stop doing something repeatedly — find out ____ they are doing it。A。 whoB。 whyC。 whatD。 whether41.— Why are you staring at me?— You look stupid! The way you wear is ____ annoys most。 A。 which B。 where C。 how D。 what42.Even if there is no scientific proof yet ____ secondhand smoke causes cancer, there is no reason why nonsmokersshould be forced to take this risk。


A。 which43.B。 thatC。 whenD。 whereEvidence has been found through years of study ______children’s early sleeping problem likely to continue when B。 how C。 whether D。 thatthey grow up。 A。 why。44. Railway is to transportation_____ blood is to a man’s body。A。 that45.B。 whichC。 whatD。 likeI made a promise to myself _______ this year。 my first year in high school 。 would be different。 A。 whether B。 what C。 that D。 how4/946. Sometimes advertisements make ____ possible for companies to sell the customers____ money cannot buy。

A。 /; that B。 it; what C.that; which D./; whose47. Willpower is a kind of quality名词性从句例句100句,________is ________it takes to do anything well。A。 what; which48.B。 what; whatC。 which; whichD。 which; whatIt suddenly occurred to him B。 wherehe had left his keys in the office。 C。 which D。 thatA。 whether49.—I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays。—That's ________I don't agree。 You should have a more active life。 A。 where B。 how C。 when D。 what50. About seven years ago she felt she had to ask herself ____ she really wanted to spend her life farming。

Now she hasmake up her mind to quit farming。 A。 when B。 whether C。 what D。 where51. She explained to me ____ personal computers let everyone explore their own ideas。A。 thatB。 howC。 whatD。 where52.—It’s reported that the new underground line has been completed。—Yes but it hasn’t been made clear ____ it’s to be opened to traffic。 A。 that B。 who C。 what D。 when53. The view ________many scientists hold is ________too much emission of carbon dioxide is destructive。A。 what; thatB。 that; whichC。 that; that D。

which; which54. ____ the children dream about is the freedoms to develop their special gift。A。 WhichB。 ThatC。 WhatD。 How55. It has been proved ____ taking exercise regularly does good to one’s health。A。 whetherB。 whenC。 whatD。 that56. In college, you will discover ____ learning is about, from teacher-taught to self-learner。A。 whichB。 thatC。 whatD。 where5/957.She is very dear to us。 We have been prepared to do ____ it takes to save her life。 B。 however C。 whatever D。 whoeverA。 whichever58. After years of hard work, his life is quite different from ____ he was used to in the childhood。

A。 itB。 whichC。 whatD。 How59. Before carrying out the plan, we must consider ____ the new use of thedrug needs further tests。 A。 when B。 why C。 whether D。 that60.Sorry I’m so late, but you cannot imagine ____ great trouble I took to find your house。 A。 what B。 how C。 why D。 when61. Johnson is a new graduate。 He has difficulty in dealing with ____ problems arise。A。 whereverB。 whicheverC。 whateverD。 whenever62.––Do you think it wise for parents to do everything for their children?––No。 That’s _________ they’re mistaken。


A。 whether B。 when C。 what D。 where63. Some children want to challenge themselves by learning a language different from ____ their parents speak at home。A。 whatB。 thatC。 whichD。 one64.____ life began on the earth is one of the biggest puzzles to scientists。 B。 What C。 Where D。 ThatA。 How65. They asked him ____。A。 how did the accident come about B。 how the accident came about C。 when the accident comes about D。 when will the accident come about66. A reward of $1,000 will be given to ____ wins the first prize.A。

anyoneB。 whoC。 whoeverD。 whomever67. The toughest thing about success is ____ you have to keep on being a success。6/9A。 whyB。 whenC。 whatD。 that68.Modern science has given clear evidence ____ smoking can lead to many diseases。 B。 which C。 that D。 whereA。 what69. When he was only thirty years old, he had already experienced ____ most people only experience when they aremuch older。 A。 what B。 which C。 who D。 when70.It was after careful consideration ____ we decided to take action。 A。 which B。 that C。

why D。 when71. --Have you heard of the news ______ Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in literature?--Of course, what breaking news! It is the first that a Chinese author ______ the Nobel Prize in literature。 A。 what, has won B。 that, have won C。 which, has won B。 that, has won72. ____ we all know is ____ the old lady, though she is very rich, still works every day。A。 As; thatB。 What; thatC。 It; whatD。 That; why73.Great changes have taken place in that school。 It is no longer ____ it was 20 years ago, ____ it was so poorlyequipped。

A。 what; when C。 what; which B。 that; which D。 which; that74. This month Dr。 Jefferson is answering questions about the human brain and _______ it works。A。 whatB。 thatC。 whetherD。 how75. It remains unknown ____ the peace talk between the two countries is going to lead。A。 where76.B。 whenC。 howD。 why suits you best。 D。 whereverAs many five courses are provided, and you are free to choose B。 whichever C。 wheneverA whatever77.— Don’t you think it necessary that he ____ to Miami but to New York?7/9— I agree, but the problem is ____ he has refused to。

A。 will not be sent; that C。 should not be sent; what B。 not be sent; that D。 should not send; what78. ____ she couldn’t understand was ____ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons。A。 What; why79.B。 That; whatC。 What; because D。 What; that kindness is usually served by frankness。 C。 that D。 whetherThere is much truth in the idea B。 whichA。 why80. The government officials don’t agree ______ the arrangement _______ the press conference will be held tomorrow。A。 with; which81.B。 on; thatC。


to; thatD。 of; whichWhy! I have nothing to confess。 ____ you want me to say? B。 What it is that D。 How it is thatA。 What is it that C。 How is it that82. Has it ever struck you ____ it would be like to have no one you could trust?A。 thatB。 whoC。 whichD。 what83. Li Lei has not yet answered my question ________I can go with him to ________he calls the Natural UndergroundGallery next week。 A。 that; which B。 whether; what C。 whether; that D。 that; where84. One can’t be really happy if ____ he enjoys doing is regarded by society as of no importance。

A。 howB。 thatC。 whatD。 where85. You should explore your talents so as to find out ____ your real interests lie。A。 what86.B。 whereC。 whichD。 how____ wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way。 B。 The one B。 when C。 Whoever C。 which D。 Who D。 thatA。 Anyone A。 where88.87. Occasions are sometimes very important for us _______ we completely relax ourselves setting work aside。There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars ____ road conditions need ____。 B。 which …to be improved D。

when…improvingA。 that …to be improved C。 where…improving8/989. There is a belief among students in some universitiesto be a volunteer will help prepare themselves for the D。 thatfuture。 A。 where B。 who C。 whether90. She ignores the fact ________there are two other channels名词性从句例句100句,________we find very silly。A。 that; whichB。 that; thatC。 which; whichD。 which; that91. Most of us still wonder ________it is ________makes those honest peasant workers, without being paid at all, resignthemselves to the bosses。

A。 what; that B。 /; what C。 that; what D。 /; that92.—What did your parents think about your decision?—They always let me do ________I think I should。 A。 when B。 that C。 how D。 what93. It was with great joy _____ he received the news _____ his son had succeeded in the competition。A。 that; that B。 that; / C。 because; that D。 which; which 94. It was on my way back home _____ my father made the promise _____ I can do well in next exam he will buy me a digital camera。 A。 when; that B。 when; that if C。

that; that if D。 that; why95. We must bear in mind when we watch TV or surf on the Internet or talk on the phone ____ we are enjoying the fruitsof man’s labor。 A。 as96.B。 thatC。 whileC。 becauseAfter driving for five hours, they arrived at ______ they thought was the place they had been dreaming of。 B。 that C。 which D。 whereA。 what97. Do you happen to know ______?A。 where is her address C。 the place her address is98.B。 in which place is her address D。 what her address isIt is still unclear ______ the little boy got the CD player to work。

A。 where B。 what C。 that D。 how99.You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ____ I disagree。 B。 where C。 what D。 howA。 why100. The news_________ he brought us yesterday is not true, but the news ______ our volleyball team has won is true。A。that;whichB。 不填;thatC。 不填;whichD。 which;不填9/9